Hostel Umed directs the offer to people who value comfort, calmness and high standard in an appealing price. Hostel is located on the 13th floor of CKD (Clinical Teaching Center, Pomorska Street, number 251, entry from Czechoslowacka Street, entrance A), in the direct vicinity of campus of Medical University of Lodz and Central Clinical Hospital. The proximity of parks and sport center is an additional asset of this place and certainly will make your stay even more pleasant.

We offer individual stays, group ones with a possibility of organizing business-science meetings on the hostel ground.
We will prepare a comprehensive offer which will meet your needs and expectations.

Visit us, stay a little longer… and figure out what Lodz’s panorama looks like from 13th floor! You’re welcome!

Offer for guests

In the offer you will find hostel rooms with higher standard. All rooms are climate-controlled, with an access to fully equipped kitchen with dining area. You will also find 8-persons rooms with access to common bathrooms.

We also offer double rooms with own bathrooms and TV, which you can rent entirely for your needs or with other person to reduce the costs.

The highest standard awaits for you in the VIP room (besides things that were listed before, the room has its own kettle, fridge and the marital bed).

Offer for business

We offer a space to organize small and average conferences or trainings with an excellent view at the city. Accessible lobby with armchairs or isolated room with tables and conference chairs. Both rooms have an access to catering room fully equipped in household appliances. Rooms are available to be merged in one space for your events purposes. And this all right next to the Hostel.


Hostel UMED
Pomorska 251
(entry from Czechoslowacka)
Entrance A, 13th floor
92-213 Lodz

tel: +48 697 813 600


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